Why Lazar

1.  The Power of Experience

We have over 24 years of experience as a professional language agency and have over 1,000 satisfied clients in many sectors including Government, Military and Defense, Medical, Education, Consumer Products, Marketing and Advertising. 

2.  The People

We work exclusively with professional linguists with at least 5 years of documented experience as professional translators and interpreters. Our language professionals bring their collective experience and expertise to your translations and interpretations every single day.

3.  A Committment to Quality

Our Quality Assurance Protocol will ensure that a document has been translated accurately and is free of errors, misspellings, typos, missing segments and other similar issues.

About Us

  • At the heart of Lazar Translating & Interpreting is a commitment to professionalism and personalized service that fits the unique communication needs of each client.  With our tradition for high standards, we are well qualified to help you communicate with the diverse cultures that represent our global community.  We listen to and build on your ideas with the expertise and insight that comes from more than two decades of professional experience in the communications field.

    A Message From Our Founder

    "I started this company with the dream of a world united by a common purpose and bound together by mutual understanding.  At that time, with the world caught up in the Cold War and divided by race and ideology, it felt like one of those far off goals that gets buried in a mission statement and smirked at by “realists”.  Today, our world seems so tiny and communication between countries and cultures is commonplace.  I spent my life traveling the world and communicating with people that were different than I was. I got excited when I heard a language I never heard before or when I came across a way of life that I couldn’t even begin to fathom when I was a young girl in Depression Era Pennsylvania."

    Elaine was so proud of how her company has helped businesses and government agencies reach out and talk to this world that she loved so much. On behalf of Elaine, we want to thank you for choosing Lazar Translating & Interpreting and thanks for making her dreams of a united world a reality through language.    

    Elaine Lazar (1931-2017)    

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